We are a family business located in Balones, one of the seven villages that make up the Seta Valley, in the Alicante Mountains. 

Castell de la Costurera is the name chosen for our extra virgin olive oil, a different and unique EVOO.

Our logo represents a drop of oil formed by the plant of the two towers of the Arab and Christian castle, symbol of the two cultures linked to the cultivation of the olive tree that for centuries have coexisted in these lands.

Aware of the value of the land, our aim is to maintain this legacy, to raise awareness of its natural heritage, to continue cultivating it in a sustainable way and to make a decent living from this work. 

Our project has three fundamental objectives: culture, health and solidarity. The aim is to find synergies and integrate them by combining actions that allow us to develop the project in a sustainable way.


We take care of your health by offering you an EVOO of excellent quality obtained from a sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation system and produced with passion and delicacy to achieve its best properties. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the health of the planet.

“Good health and good emotions are two of the greatest blessings”.

– Publilius Syrus


Aware of the social imbalance, of the needs of many people due to the unfair and unequal distribution of wealth, we believe that solidarity has to be a fundamental value of companies, a commitment to help disadvantaged groups.

We invite you to participate with us in one of the projects in which we are involved. When you complete a purchase in our shop you will see the amount that corresponds to a donation and you will be able to choose which specific project you would like us to help.


“Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be much less if it lacked that drop”.

– Mother Teresa of Calcutta


We wish to introduce you to our history and natural heritage.

We value the heritage of our ancestors, their wisdom to create a productive system in these lands, transforming the mountain into terraces where they cultivated cereals, vines and olive trees, basic foods of what we know today as the Mediterranean diet.

Culture comes from the Latin “cultus” which means “cultivation”. That is what we aim to do, to cultivate the land and the mind, to develop as people in our environment.

“People without knowledge of their past, their origin and their culture are like a tree without roots”.

– Marcus Garvey