Can Health be a fundamental axis for the development of an agricultural company? In Castell de la Costurera we think so. Talking about health in its broadest sense will facilitate your understanding.

The concept of health or the absence of disease has developed as human knowledge has grown. Initially health was a state of people, but over the years and gradually has been losing that exclusivity and have incorporated animals, then plants, ultimately, everything that the human being understands that it has life (it is born, it is related and it dies) and with what it is capable of interacting. We are already talking about the health of rivers, ecosystems and even the planet Earth itself.

If we talk about the health of the planet, how can we not talk about the health of our fields, our olive trees, the water they feed on, all the flora and fauna that surround them? Of course, we must begin to understand it this way, to work from that perspective. Because our health, that with which we are familiar, because we perceive it in our own body and in that of the people with whom we live, is totally linked, is absolutely dependent on the health of our fields, our trees, our rivers, in short, of our planet.

Our purpose is to have healthy fields and that the AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) that we obtain and make available to our customers is a source of health.