Located in the municipality of Balones, privileged lookout of the Seta Valley of the Mountain of Alicante, the Castillo de la Costurera is the name chosen to make known our treasure, an extra virgin olive oil of unique characteristics.

Our logo integrates two of the cultures linked to the cultivation of the olive tree that for centuries have lived in these lands. They are represented by the plants of the only two towers that today still stand in the castle, a square of Arab origin and a circular one of Christian origin. Both together make up a drop of oil that synthesizes our project.

We have created a family business to manage it. We are aware of the value of the land that we have inherited generation after generation, of the millenary culture forged in its terraced fields where we find our protagonists, the olive trees, serene and silent witnesses of our history.

Our purpose is to discover and make known the enormous wealth that these lands possess, to transmit their legacy and to live with dignity of the result of their cultivation in a healthy and solidary way.

We are developing a project with three fundamental axes: culture, health and solidarity. The objective is to develop them in an integrated manner by combining actions that allow us to achieve that purpose.

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